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Future bequest donors Cindy Cutler and Craig Haines

Future bequest donors Cindy Cutler and Craig Haines plan for an unrestricted gift because they can't predict future needs of the community they care about.

Unrestricted funds: Leave the unknown to us

No one living in Hampton Roads 100 years ago could imagine our region today and the challenges and opportunities it faces. Nor can anyone today predict community needs years from now.

When you establish an unrestricted fund, you extend your "power of foresight" into the future. Your thoughtful gift gives future community foundation board members the flexibility to go after promising solutions and address challenges to the best of their abilities. Thanks to your generosity, you can be a force for good in Hampton Roads forever.

You can start an unrestricted fund with a gift of $25,000 or more. Or donate to our general Community Fund, which will support an array of grants to organizations doing great work in our region.

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