Scholarship Story

Scholarship recipient pays it forward

Matt Elliott of Norfolk was only 26 years old when he created a scholarship fund in memory of two high school athletes who passed away all too young. This former scholarship recipient is paying it forward himself.

Scholarship funds: Investing in the future

A scholarship fund reflects your hope for the next generation. You're saying, "I care about your future, so I'll give you a hand up." Your fund might be for a student from your high school or college. Or, you may want to help someone who dreams of entering your profession. Or, perhaps you want to give back in tribute to the scholarship donor who helped you years ago.

No matter what your motivation, you're investing in the future!

You can establish a permanent scholarship fund with a gift of $25,000 or more and then sit back and enjoy helping students. The community foundation will take care of the logistics of applications, getting checks to the right colleges and renewing scholarships.

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What is a "scholarship fund"? Imagine a permanent savings account. The "interest" generates scholarships, in your name, forever.