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William A. and Jane M. Charters Fund

Jane and Bill Charters forever help area citizens have food, clothing, shelter and other basic needs thanks to their bequest for a field-of-interest fund.

Field-of-interest funds: For the causes you love

A field-of-interest fund is perfect for your favorite cause. It may be for education, music, mental disabilities or nursing, for example. Your focus is on the issue, not a particular nonprofit working in that arena. You can rely on the community foundation to choose the best projects, regardless of who's doing them to apply funds now and forever, in your name.

You can start a forever field-of-interest fund with a $25,000 contribution. And, you can make a gift of any size to any existing fund, including our family of Community Funds that support grantmaking in specific areas -- arts and culture, civic leadership, educational achievement, environment and health and human services. Click here to donate to a Community Fund.

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