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Community Grant Programs: Nonprofit Facilities Improvement

Next grant application deadline: January 15. Online application available now.

We believe suitable nonprofit facilities are critical to programs and services. Facilities that provide appropriate space and are efficiently and attractively designed can bring important benefits to clients, staff and the community.

Our Community Grants for Facilities focus on supporting major capital projects and capital campaigns that are transformative for the organization and the communities it serves. Organizations requesting facilities grants should support one of the other areas of Foundation work:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and Human Services.

We seek projects that will reduce local nonprofits’ building operating costs over the long term and minimize the negative environmental impacts associated with construction and operation.

We encourage “green” building practices that can cut heating and cooling costs, save water and reduce pollution. We give strong preference to facility grants that incorporate these types of building practices.

Quick Links (please read all the links below before applying).

General Eligibility Requirements

Starting an Application

Nonprofit Facilities Improvement Grant Deadline: January 15

Nonprofit Facilities Improvement Sample Grant Application: PDF Format

Start Your Nonprofit Facilities Improvement Grant Application

For questions, including those pertaining to what qualifies as a major capital project, please email grants@hamptonroadscf.org or call one of our program officers at (757) 622-7951. You may also want to come to one of our monthly nonprofit drop-in days.

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