10 tips for using our scholarship portal

  1. Click here to enter the scholarship portal and set up your student account. We recommend using the latest Google Chrome browser but the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer also should work. All you need is your email address and to submit a password.
  2. Watch for an email confirming your account and access to an application. Check your spam folder if you don’t promptly see an email in your inbox.
  3. When you're ready, sign in to start your application. You can save and return to it over time; be sure to click the “save and keep editing” button. Do not start an application before December 1; your information will be lost. Make sure you've reviewed the Materials You'll Need to Apply.
  4. Answer questions carefully and thoroughly. You must complete and submit the FAFSA and Statement of Family Income & Resources to be considered for scholarships requiring financial need. If you don't complete any required questions, we can't consider your application.
  5. When you provide a name and email address to contact for a reference, we will email your references with instructions on submitting their letters of recommendation. To check if your references have been submitted, click the "References" button and look at the "Status" column. If you need to remind a reference, simply click the "resend request" button to have the system send another email. It is your responsibility to provide the email addresses early enough for this email to be sent to your references in time for them to log in and complete the letters of recommendation no later than one week after the application deadline.  
  6. Submit your completed application by 11:59 p.m. on the deadline day*. To do that, click the "Finish and Submit" button. If all required questions have been answered, your General Application will be marked "Complete." But note, your application will show as being "Complete" even if you haven't yet uploaded your transcripts and test scores. Without them, your application is not complete.
  7. Once you successfully submit your application, it will be submitted automatically for all scholarships that match your qualifications. You will see tiles indicating the scholarships to which your application has been matched.
  8. Some scholarships require you to answer additional questions or to write a special essay to be considered. After you submit the general application, click the "Opportunities" tab to see a list of additional scholarships for which you may be eligible. You will need to submit the required supplemental information for each scholarship to be considered for these "Recommended Opportunities".
  9. Please review your student account often to check the status of your applications and manage your references.
  10. We will send you an email in April to tell you the results of your scholarship application.

Note: Application deadlines vary so be sure to check for your particular scholarship. Generally, the application deadline for all scholarships is March 1 at 11:59 p.m. The deadline for theological scholarships is April 1 and the deadline for the Palmer Farley Memorial Scholarship is May 1.