Past Legacy Society for Hampton Roads Members

We appreciate the generosity of our former members of the Legacy Society for Hampton Roads who have passed away since we started our legacy society in 2002. Their generous estate gifts to their community foundation reflect the lasting legacy they left to help others forever.

W. Byron Babcock 
Winifred Maddock Baldwin 
Mary Rawls Cooke Berkeley 
Christne Clegg Bosher 
Julia Atwater Bristow 
Macon F. Brock Jr. 
Dan H. Brockwell 
Charles F. Burroughs Jr. 
Judith Ball Wysong Cofer 
Samuel Coppage Jr., Ph.D. 
Joseph W. Cotten Jr. 
Susan Ashburn Cotten 
Joshua P. Darden Jr. 
Chester William DeWalt Jr., M.D. 
Thomas A. Felton Jr. 
Virginia Glennan Ferguson 
Mary Adelle Forbes 
William A. Goldback 
Marjorie Frame Hawkins 
Stuart P. Levy
Robert L. Major
Carl Mangum 
George Henry Marin 
Linford Mason 
H.P. "Sonny" McNeal 
Ula Motekat, Ph.D. 
Jean C. Old 
M. Lee Payne
Nancy G. Plaskie 
Charles E. Plimpton 
William Brewster Purdy 
Nancy A. Richards 
Toy D. Savage Jr. 
Glenn Allen Scott
Lewis H. Shulman 
Donald E. Sly, M.D. 
Hildreth Strode
Charles Syer IV 
Patsy Teer 
Frederick R. Ward
Ruth B. Weeks, M.D. 
James Martin Willcox
Barbara Upton Wilson