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8 Nonprofits Win $1.9 Million in Grants
By Adia White / June 14, 2018
Fifth graders at An Achievble Dream Academy in 2018
Fifth graders at Seatack Elementary An Achievable Dream Academy
Why are these children giving the thumbs-up sign?

They get to be among the first An Achievable Dream Virginia Beach students moving on to middle school in September. Their program will expand to sixth grade and beyond with help from a $600,000, three-year grant.

The Hampton Roads Community Foundation recently awarded eight nonprofits -- including An Achievable Dream -- more than $1.9 million in Community Grant funding. This round of grants focused primarily on cultural vitality and educational success.

An Achievable Dream's grant will expand to Lynnhaven Middle School in Virginia Beach the educational program it has operated since 2014 at Seatack Elementary.

An Achievable Dream, which originated in Newport News in 1992, emphasizes academic, social and moral education with the goal of 100% of students graduating high school on time and then enrolling in higher education programs or enlisting in the military.

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