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Don Luzzatto Wants to Hear From You
By Adia White / July 11, 2017

After spending 17 years at The Virginian-Pilot, Don Luzzatto joined the Hampton Roads Community Foundation in April 2017 as our vice president for civic engagement. Among Don's goals is gathering feedback from the community on which issues the foundation should focus. This will help us work together to make Hampton Roads a better place.

Here is an excerpt from a column Don recently wrote for The Virginian-Pilot:

HOW DO WE MAKE Hampton Roads a better place?

It’s a simple and huge question. Everybody has an answer. Some probably have a dozen. The tough part, because time and money are finite, is deciding which ones demand our attention.

Making Hampton Roads a better place is the reason I spent 17 years in this newspaper’s offices. It’s why you can find me these days at the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

My new task and goal is to help us — as a community — decide which issues can benefit from focus by the foundation, the oldest of its kind in Virginia. In exchange, the foundation can bring coordination and money, research and expertise, to the cause.

But first we need to figure out where the community wants to focus those resources. To do that, I’ll need your help. Lots and lots of help.

Send me an email (dluzzatto@hamptonroadscf.org) or give me a call (757-622-7951). Hit me up on Twitter (@donaldluzzatto) or Facebook. Send me a letter or a telegram. Answer the questions if our pollster calls. Say yes if we invite you to coffee or lunch. Write a letter to the editor or post at Pilotonline.com.

…I’m here to listen to what the people of Hampton Roads want the foundation to do, and to help us do it. So think big, ask your friends, and then please tell me what you find.

Read the rest of Don’s July 9, 2017 column here. Then be sure to send him your ideas for creating a better region.

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