Our mission, vision and values

Hampton Roads Community Foundation is guided by its Mission, Vision and Values, which influence the actions we take every day on behalf of our region and its residents.


To inspire philanthropy and transform the quality of life in southeastern Virginia.


To be the premier provider of philanthropic services in southeastern Virginia offering:

  • Community impact through our grants and scholarships
  • Regional leadership through our focus on community needs and initiatives
  • Personal philanthropy that helps donors achieve their charitable goals


  • Regional viewpoint
  • Excellence
  • Openness
  • Innovation
  • Partnerships
  • Respect
  • Community

Our focus is on continual community improvement

  • We connect charitable people with causes and nonprofits to improve life in southeastern Virginia.
  • We manage permanent and other charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses and organizations.
  • We invest charitable gifts so they help our community now and are positioned to grow in the future.
  • We are rigorous and responsible in our role as the largest grant and scholarship provider in southeastern Virginia.
  • We are committed to high ethical standards in all that we do. Click here to read our Privacy Policy. Click here to read our Whistleblower Policy.

In other words, we:

  • Help people from all walks of life achieve their charitable goals
  • Award grants and scholarships primarily in our region
  • Offer regional leadership on critical issues
  • Evaluate community needs and make strategic investments in our region
  • Promote high-impact philanthropy
  • Steward permanent charitable funds forever
  • Honor donor intent
  • Increase the size of charitable gifts over time through quality investments
  • Strengthen our region's nonprofit sector
  • Provide a forum for community dialogue